Sunday, April 25, 2010

Painting the Front Bedroom

Sandra was painting more of the walls in the front bedroom. The more we think about it, the more likely it is that we'll use the back bedroom as our bedroom. It's just further away from the street, and a lot more convenient. The only down side to it is that 9 foot sliding glass door.

Anywho, with the Sherwin Williams paint up, we started with the dark brown for the far wall.

My phone's camera is still giving me washed out pictures. I think it's time to pop out that screen.

The brown is Valspar eggshell from Lowe's . The coverage is horrible, compared to Sherwin Williams. You can literally see through it with just one coat, and when applying the second coat, the roller even removes some of the first coat! I've got two cans of paint from Lowe's, and they'll be the last two I ever get.

Another issue we found is that when applying Valspar with a roller brush, it leaves air bubbles everywhere! I initially believed that the air bubbles would pop or subside on their own, but they don't! Sandra had to manually pop every single tiny little air bubble! Such a pain in the butt!

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