Monday, December 22, 2014

Candlestick Seats IV

I brought the glass shelf in to work today.  The guy over at Data Glass snapped it for me.  It literally took him about 2 minutes to do.  He said I just needed to press harder.  :-/ FAIL, Rob.  

I got home today and removed the seats from the brackets.  I laid them down and used a 2x4 scrap to hold up the bottoms.  All the bolts came out relatively easy... except the last one.  When the drill kinda got stuck, it torqued the whole piece and scratched the top of it.  Paint was removed - UGH.  I applied a coat of paint to the bottom of the seats then left for Home Depot. 

I picked up a worklight, an extension cord wrap, and another bracket for the Giants case.  I got home, paint was still tacky, but I wrapped the cord, then plugged in the light.  AWESOME!  I had direct light on the seats now... and hella yellow spots showing.  I put a light coating over the yellow areas then collected some things to put in the case upstairs.  I was pretty excited to finally do this! 

I opened the case, tried to put in a bracket and ... nope.  Denied.  The slots were too small for the brackets I got. WTF.  I thought these were standard??  The ones currently in there were a little under 1/4 inch tall.  Time to go return these.  Maybe the 10 inch shelves are different sizes.  These brackets were for 12 inch shelves.  Fail #2 today. 

 In the garage, I applied one more coat of paint.  I'm pretty sure that part is all done now.  I'm hoping I can assemble the seats tomorrow! 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Candlestick Seats III

I went to Home Depot this morning, and they had tons of ratchet bits all in stock.  Deep 1/4 inch 9/16's acquired!  I also got another bottle of Rustoleum and a box of LED lights (3 for $20 versus 1 for $9?)  I thought there was something else I needed, but I couldn't remember, so I left.

I put on a third coat to fully cover any remaining yellow areas.  It looks like it's finally painted.  Well, it's painted except for the bottom where it's bolted to the base.  At least I have a bit to remove them, though! 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Candlestick Seats

I hit up Lowes this morning.  I wanted to get the ratchet head to remove the seats from the base.  The Lowes out by Evolve in San Bruno didn't have a huge selection.  I asked the woman if 3/8 was standard, and she said yes (it's not.  1/4 inch is standard).  I got two bits - the 13 mm and the 9/16, a new hose, and a new hose rack.

Got home, installed the new hose rack, coiled up the new hose.  It looks nice.  I doubt this will pop this time.  Either way, I saved the warranty info this time.

I hosed off the seats, then sanded them a little more then hosed them off again.  I thought about putting some grease in the hinges, but decided to wait until after they were painted.  I left them standing to dry, then went to jiu jitsu. 

I returned the two ratchet bits since they were 3/8's, but the Lowes in SF didn't have any 1/4 in 9/16 in.  Doomed, I know.  Defeated by Lowes.  

They were pretty dry when I got back, so I wiped them down to make sure before painting.  I stood the brackets on a piece of cardboard, then sprayed each one individually.  After one coat (it's hard to see how well it coated with the lack of direct lights in the garage), I left them to dry while I showered and washed my gi and ate.

The paint was not tacky after about an hour, so I laid down another coat.  Some of the yellow primer that was originally on there was still showing.  Two coats pretty much killed the bottle of Rustoleam.  Looks like I'll be going to Home Depot tomorrow morning. 

Hormigas Part IV

Yes, there's a part IV.  The cabinet has been empty for the last few days.  One or two scouts have been reconnoitering, but everything is really clean now.  I'm hoping they stay away.  We'll find out when it rains again!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Candlestick Seats

In lieu of insulation, I decided to do up the Candlestick seats!  I had already bought a wire brush and high gloss black Rustoleum spray paint, so I thought I was set.  I started with wiping down the seats with some diaper wipes (yep, we still have tons of those).  I took the seats apart to separate the plastic from the metal but left the vertical parts bolted on to the bases.  Go figure all the bolts came out relatively easily, but the battery on the drill kept dying.  UGH.  Then, the very last bolt was stripped.  Why is it that it's always the last one that's the most difficult?!  I used a hammer and chisel to break the bolt and set the seat free.  9 PM, loud hammering from the garage - I hope no one nearby is asleep.  I would've removed the bases, too, but the bolts were bigger than any of the ratchet heads I had.  My sets went up to 1/2 inch, so I was guessing they were 9/16 or 13mm.  I'll need to hit up Lowes or Home Depot. 

I'm also pretty thankful I changed the light bulb in the garage to an LED.  It really makes a difference.  I can't find my work light, and the last time I remember using it was when a contractor was working in the crawlspace without light. I ran an extension cord and put the light in there for him.  I hate when I notice shit's missing way too late. 

With the seats pretty much completely in pieces, I used the wire brush to scrap off any loose paint and rust.  I was going to rinse them off then sand them down a little more, but when I turned on the hose... PLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH! It looks like hanging a rubber hose on a bike rack hook (existing) was a horrible idea.  There were so many kinks that the hose just exploded all over. I guess the project is on hold for now.

Insulating the Crawl Space

Sandra and Robert were heading out of town the an extended weekend, so I decided to insulate underneath the back room and bathroom while they were gone.  I got out of work today and headed home to take some measurements.  It had been raining for the last few days, but traffic wasn't bad getting home.  I climbed into the crawl space and saw water dripping off the floor joists - yes, dripping.  Four of the joists under the bathroom were completely soaked, and water was dripping off them.  So much for insulation! I can't insulate while there's water coming in, so there goes that project. 

My sister had a paint bubble in her wall above where the water was coming in.  I don't know if the two are related.  I'm going to have to put this project on hold and wait to figure out where the water is coming from.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hormigas Part III

There's no food in the cabinet, but they're all over the dishes!  I threw everything in the dishwasher, peppermint soap sprayed everything, then dusted with ground cinnamon again.  WTF.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hormigas Part II

This morning there were ants EVERYWHERE.  Ok, that was hyperbolic, but there were at least 1,000 ants in my lunch bag.  Was there food in there?  Nope.  There were crumbs on the bottom of the bag.  CRUMBS. 

They're also all over the glassware in the cabinet.  All the cups have ants crawling all over them.  Dishwasher time!  

We are supposed to get the tree today, too! I put the bag in the yard and attempted to contain the ants in the kitchen.  This time, there were soldiers, too.  Peppermint soap and ground cinnamon all over .  I found the hole they were coming in from.  I made a paste with the cinnamon and water, and packed it into the hole.  We'll see if this does it. 

Saturday, December 6, 2014


M-F'ing ants.  Ants in the kitchen.  Ants on nothing.  Ants. Ants. Ants.  EW.  There were a few scouts around all week, but tonight they came out in full force.  It was gross.  They're in the kitchen coming out of a cabinet with no food in it!  Peppermint soap and some ground cinnamon mixed with water to seal the holes fixed the problem today.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Flex (Doesn't) Seal

Welp, that didn't last long.  The kitchen wall is leaking again.  I got up at 3 AM last night to check on the buckets, and all three were almost full.  At 6 AM, they were full again.  Good news is the rain let up during the day, and they didn't overflow while I was at work.  The bad news is it was starting to rain hard again.  I looked in the storage room, and I had a tube of window and door caulking.  I loaded it up in the caulk gun and went upstairs to patch the gaps. 

Go figure as soon as I walk outside, it starts to pour.  To do a quick and comprehensive job, I start putting the caulking on heavy, then POP.  The tube explodes.  Did I stop? Nope!  I started applying the caulking that was squirming from the opening by hand, smearing it into the gap and all over the wall.  I wonder if this will dry... ever. 

The good news is the dripping in the kitchen has significantly slowed down.  We'll see how well this holds up!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

It's Raining!

And that's a good thing!  California's had a drought for several years now.  This will also let me test how well the Flex Seal is holding up on the exterior wall above my kitchen.