Monday, June 18, 2012

General State of the Casa Update

The heater issues have finally ceased to exist, and by ceased, I mean the furnace finally quit a few weeks ago.  It just doesn't work anymore, so there's really no more issue (other than it needs to be replaced). 

We put a floating shelf up in Robert's room to place various decorations on.  The Ikea shelf was about $15.  We got the white shelf to contrast his green wall and also match the white trim.  Installation was really easy given that it just required three screws.  I used three hollow wall anchors rated up to 80 pounds each.  They required 5/16 pre-drilled holes, so we placed the shelf on the wall, leveled it, then marked the holes.  I drilled the middle hole first, then the right side, then the left.  I discovered something interesting, though, when drilling the hole on the left - drywall!  Yes, even though there are plaster and lathe walls all around the house somehow there's a slab of drywall in a few places in Robert's room.  It makes me wonder what work was done to this room!  Anywho, three holes drilled, I partially clamped the hollow wall anchors, then reversed the drill to remove the screws before they settled in to a spinning position.  We put the washers between the wall and the shelf, fed the screws through, then screwed everything in to place without any of the three holes finding a stud.  There are three framed pictures on it as well as Robert's signed SF Giants baseball (about 14 autographs on it including Carlos Beltran, Andres Torres, Sergio Romo, Dan Runzler, Brett Pill, Brandon Belt, etc.)

I also installed another sliding door latch on the door to Robert's room,  Can never be too safe. 

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