Monday, December 2, 2013

NEST is coming!

So last Winter, my utilities bills were a little bit of a pain.  Given that we now had a functioning furnace, we were definitely living in a warm(er) house.  It was literally a difference of night and day!  Because the thermostat was programmable, though, when we were home off schedule, we would switch it to "On."  Inevitably, we'd forget to turn it off when we left. 

I've been thinking of getting the NEST thermostat for a while now, and Amazon just published this deal today: Get a $40 Gift Card with Purchase of a Nest Learning Thermostat.  BOOM!  How could I not have one of these beauties?!  
It probably won't be sitting at 72 degrees, but it is my hope that it pays for itself in its energy savings thanks to my own forgetfulness. 

I checked the NEST website, and it says that my wiring should be compatible with this.  I'll update once I get it, and post the installation. 

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