Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Curtains, Robert's Room, and un Raton

It seems like forever and a day has gone by since I've updated the blog.  The house is extremely livable, and we've been here for almost a year now.  Robert Jacob Leung was born around the end of last year, and his room is almost ready for him.

Yesterday, after work, I put up his curtains.  While I was drilling the holes in the walls to hold up the curtain rod, I noticed movement outside in the backyard.  I paused to get a better look, and I discovered a HUGE rat climbing up the dying vines in the backyard over the fence to the neighbor's side.  I really hope this thing doesn't live underneath our house.  Just to be sure, I'm planning on getting under Robert's room this weekend.

Anywho, the curtains are up.  We used the brown curtains with the blackout lining that Sandra's mom made for us.  We got the curtain rod from Ikea a while ago.  It was the only one we could find that was long enough for the 9 foot sliding glass door.  Instead of putting the cloth over the rod, I decided that I wanted the curtain to open and close easily while sliding along the curtain rod.  We picked up curtain clips from Target.  They were about $4.50 for a pack of 7.  Because the curtains themselves are a bit heavy, we got two packs to distribute more of the weight.

Robert's room can now be shrouded in darkness any time we want!  The problem with that is that it gets too dark, so now we're looking for night lights...

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