Thursday, May 12, 2011

Clearing Out The Yard

I had planned on cleaning out the yard all weekend. Mother's Day and Giant's games pretty much kept me from getting to it. I decided today was going to be the day, since there was no game, and garbage was going out tonight.

Then Hinojosa hit me up and said he needed more drywall. He'd cracked the drywall he picked up last week, so I offered to help him cut it and all. He got there around 5-ish, and we cut and mounted the drywall onto the frame he and his group had built. We used a drywall saw to cut the hole for his mechanics, and voila! All done. He asked what I was planning on doing, and I said clearing out all these weeds. He offered to help, and we pretty much massacred half the yard!

Here's what it looked like afterwards. Again, I didn't take before pics... :-(

We pretty much filled up the entire 55 gallon compost bin, too!

I had to get in and compact it a few times, but it did the job. We used the "Vaquero Grande" by Cold Steel to cut through the ivy and vines that were climbing up and over the fence from the neighbor's yard. I hosed off the cement and started scrubbing it, but it'll take a while to clean off.

I want to plant varmint repelling stuff back here - citronella and peppermint plants, primarily. We'll see how well the citronella does outside!

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