Monday, May 30, 2011

Scary Times Ahead

For once, the time stamp on this post is correct. I know the blog has been 99.9999% about the house, but this kind of relates to the home (plus, the label really applies it!).

Tomorrow's a big day in one huge way - Robert starts day care tomorrow! It's really scary, actually. I can't even put a number to the amount of child care providers I called in the City to just look for availability! It took us pretty much down to the wire to find a spot. I went through Google, Yelp, Community Care Licensing, my work's EAP - basically everything I could think of. Nearing desparation, I looked through Craigslist. I figured, "Shoot, I got half the furniture in the house from Craigslist, why not see if it'll pull through again!" It did.
Providers were posting notices of availability! For the first time in MONTHS, my search didn't amount to calling and asking if someone had availability but to calling and asking when I could meet with the providers and tour the facilities! It was pretty exciting. We were two weeks away from the date that we would require their services, and with a few days before we had to leave to Maui, we started to meet people.
I won't mention all the details, but initially, we were far from impressed. We narrowed down the available places to two, and finally, tomorrow, we're giving one of them a shot. There are so many what-if's that could happen, that I'd rather not think about it. I guess all that remains is to be patient and see what happens...

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