Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

It's Father's Day, and Robert decided to celebrate early.  He woke up at 6 AM ready to play.  You gotta love a happy baby!  With his big, little hands, he grabbed at my face and started pulling.  As dawn leaked into my eyes, I focused on my smiling little man.  "Morning, Sunshine," was all I could muster.  He laughed, giggled, and continued to smack me until I got up.  If this is how he wakes me up at 6 months old, I wonder what he'll do when he's older...

We went to Art's Cafe on Irving for breakfast.  We figured it'd be relatively empty, since they opened at 8 AM.  We were right.  Breakfast was great, and Robert is evermore eager to share in the culinary delights that we feast on.  When he has teeth, he will partake, but for now, it's all mama and Gerber! 

We spent the next few hours on Clement street, waiting for various shops to open.  Sloat Garden Center opened at 9 AM, Green Apple Books at 10 AM, and Citikids at 11 AM.  We estimated that we could spend about an hour at each, and it'd be a perfect place to walk around and digest our meal. 

Sloat Garden Center off Clement is a lot smaller than the one on Sloat, and we breezed through it without a purchase in about 20 minutes.  We were hoping to find more herbs for Sandra's little herb garden, a fruit tree, or something else to put out in the backyard.  With 40 minutes till Green Apple opened, we careened down Clement to see what we could find.  Robert, riding in his stroller, was asleep.  Lucky man.  He got to wake us up, play, eat, and now he was lights out but still along for the ride. 

We walked down Clement and turned onto Geary to check out Lamps Plus or whatever that light store's called.  I noticed this little beauty in the window:

and thought that's be perfect for the hallway!  It's got all the benefits of track lighting (positionable lights), but none of the hassle (mounting the track).  We have to someday come back while they're open to check this bad boy out! 

Anywho, we got Robert a book from Green Apple, and looked at car seats at Citikids.  I couldn't believe it wasn't even noon yet, and we had already done all that. 

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