Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Floor mats Are Here!

The rest of the floormats I ordered finally came in!  We got 80 square feet of 3/8 inch gray floor mats from EZGoodDeals.com.  It was by far the most affordable place to get them.  Installation was a snap (HA!  Get it?  Snap?  Cuz they snap together...).  Anywho, it adds that necessary face plant padding to the floor in Robert's room. 

He's been sitting up a lot more lately, but when he's over it, he just tosses his body backwards.  I don't think anything is going to absorb that kind of hit, so I still just sit behind him so he can fall into me. 

As he's doing tummy time, though, I no longer have to worry about him getting tired and dropping his face into the floor.  The mats provide a sufficient cushion for the 3 inch face plant. 

Here's how his room looks now:

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