Monday, December 22, 2014

Candlestick Seats IV

I brought the glass shelf in to work today.  The guy over at Data Glass snapped it for me.  It literally took him about 2 minutes to do.  He said I just needed to press harder.  :-/ FAIL, Rob.  

I got home today and removed the seats from the brackets.  I laid them down and used a 2x4 scrap to hold up the bottoms.  All the bolts came out relatively easy... except the last one.  When the drill kinda got stuck, it torqued the whole piece and scratched the top of it.  Paint was removed - UGH.  I applied a coat of paint to the bottom of the seats then left for Home Depot. 

I picked up a worklight, an extension cord wrap, and another bracket for the Giants case.  I got home, paint was still tacky, but I wrapped the cord, then plugged in the light.  AWESOME!  I had direct light on the seats now... and hella yellow spots showing.  I put a light coating over the yellow areas then collected some things to put in the case upstairs.  I was pretty excited to finally do this! 

I opened the case, tried to put in a bracket and ... nope.  Denied.  The slots were too small for the brackets I got. WTF.  I thought these were standard??  The ones currently in there were a little under 1/4 inch tall.  Time to go return these.  Maybe the 10 inch shelves are different sizes.  These brackets were for 12 inch shelves.  Fail #2 today. 

 In the garage, I applied one more coat of paint.  I'm pretty sure that part is all done now.  I'm hoping I can assemble the seats tomorrow! 

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