Monday, February 15, 2010

Dimmer Switches for the Living Room!

Having the recessed lights in the living room is cool. Having them on two separate switches is cool as well. Being able to dim them would be infinitely more cool! So, Sandra and I went to Lowe's and picked out the best looking dimmer. The ones at Home Depot were full of fail. These had sliding dimmer switches, plus an On/Off button on the bottom. Single Pole - Check. HAHAHAHA!

Here's the current wiring configuration of the switches.

I basically connected the two dimmers to each other to match that configuration, then connected them to the power, put them up, and voila!

I'm not going to lie; it wasn't perfect. I couldn't find a faceplate to cover all three switches with this configuration, so I had to buy one of those make your own faceplate dealies. It actually worked, and it'd be perfect if the wall was level!

Also, the two dimmer switches had a lot of metal along the edges that kept them from fitting in the box together. I used a pair of pliers and bent the edges backwards to get it to fit cleanly. You really can't tell.

All lights on:

Rear light dim, fireplace lights on:

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