Saturday, February 13, 2010

Trip to Ikea

I emailed a post on Craigslist>Free about some dressers. The guy emailed me back and said that someone else had emailed before me, and that he was giving them to him. I responded with a thank you for letting me know, and if the other person falls through, I'll be more than happy to take them off his hands. Fast forward to the weekend: Emily's home, and she accompanies me to Ikea to look at dressers.

The dressers came down in price. Here's what they had:
Black and White:

Different shades of fake wood:

I liked the lightest fake wood; Emily said I should get either black or white. It would've been white. She talks some sense into me (how do I know how many dressers to get, if I don't know how much room I have?) We end up getting a cinnamon roll instead of furniture.

We get back from Ikea, thinking about how good that cinnamon roll was, explaining how we didn't pick up any furniture, and I received an email from the guy saying the other person fell through! I immediately called him back to let him know I was definitely interested in picking up the dressers!

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