Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fun with Foam

I bought a can of expanding foam sealer from Home Depot since it was on sale. I knew of a few places I could use it.

I ended up spraying the foam to seal the outside wall in the bathroom, where some pipes went out, in the bedroom closets, where some water pipes went up, in the kitchen where the pipes went into the walls, in the laundry room where the pipes came out, and in one of the storage rooms because I had to use it all up!

It wasn't expanding as fast as I remembered it would, so I sprayed an ample amount to each area to ensure coverage. About fifteen minutes later, I had ginormous foam bubbles where there were once holes! At least it's now sealed!

As usual, I didn't wear gloves. After I finished with this project, my hands were extremely sticky, I had little pieces of foam stuck to my shirt, and I couldn't wash it off!

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