Saturday, January 23, 2010

Patience is Key?

Maybe not, but Home Depot sure needs some training on how to cut keys!

Trip #1: Last Thursday, while I was at Home Depot picking up some stuff, I decided to stop at the key cutter to get a set made for Lisa. I handed the guy two keys (my door and the gate). I told him I wanted the gate one in the same color (silver), and the house key in the Giants key. He said OK, grabbed the keys, shuffled some stuff around, inserted the keys, pushed some buttons, sanded them down, then handed them to me. Sweet, I thought. Now I have a Giants house key!

I get to the house, test the gate key - nothing. Opened the gate, tested the Giants key. Nothing. WTF!? So, I tested the Giants key on the gate - it worked? Tested what should've been the gate key on the door - nothing. Ok. The guy messed them up. It's all right, right? I'll go back and have them redo it.

Trip #2: This morning, I went back to have them recut the keys. I explain to the greeter what happened, and he said I could just go to the key cutter and have them redone. I explain to him what I wanted, how it differed from what I got, and he redid it. Cool. It should work now, right? Home Depot had some foam spray, so I picked that up on the way out. Got home, tested the keys - neither of them worked! Whatever.

Trip #3: We stopped back at Home Depot on the way to get Sandra's car from the shop. I explained to the guy again what happened, and he recut the keys. This guy, though, said that I probably had old tumblers and needed to get the lock rekeyed. I told him it had just been rekeyed, and this is why I wanted more keys. He said maybe the original was old. I reiterated that the lock had just been rekeyed, so the original was brand new, too. Anywho, none of these keys worked either!!!

Trip #4: We go back to Home Depot, there's a younger guy at the key cutting machine. He says maybe my keys just can't get copied. Asked if I'd ever copied them before, and I said yes, and they worked - the first time. He said if it didn't work after this, then I should just return them. He made the Giants door key, a second silver door key, and a gate key. I got back home, and big surprise - none of them worked!

Trip #5: We went back to Home Depot, the greeter asked how the keys worked out. I explained to him that I'd returned to the store twice since I saw him in the morning, since they didn't work. He apologized and said his Giants key didn't work too great either. I said none of them worked great, except the first one that was cut to the wrong key. He said I should just do a return, which I did.

Time to go to Great Wall Hardware to get Lisa's keys made...

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