Thursday, January 28, 2010

lights, Lights, LIGHTS! (Part 2)

We went to Universal Lighting after work yesterday to pick up the lights. Apparently, they close at 5 PM, so having arrived at 4:40 PM, we were a little pressed for time. Jackie helped us choose the lights we needed.

For the front of the house, we had decided on two stylized lights as opposed to flood lights.

We were trying to decide between the black and the white. The black had a fluorescent bulb in it,and the white had an incandescent. The screen on the black had more of an opaque finish, so we decided on the white, since the trim on the house is white, and the screen, although finished, was clearer. Jackie went up to grab them from the stock, and it turned out there was only one! He offered us the display model, and we took it. He was unable to dismantle it on the spot since they were closing so soon, though. I'll have to pick it up today.

I called Harry from Hai Lin Electric to make sure it was possible to put a motion sensor on the circuit with the two front light; he said it was. I picked up a motion sensor to go with the front lights.

For the backyard, I decided that a motion sensor light wasn't really necessary, however, the 300 watt light was only $20 here. I picked up the black 300 watt motion sensor light.

The entryway light fixture currently has a cracked casing. We also decided to get a motion sensor light placed here. I found this one on Amazon for $35:

I know it was also at Universal Electric, so I decided to wait to do a price comparison; it ended up being about $15 cheaper on Amazon. We'll see if there are any shipping and handling fees that would even it out.

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