Saturday, January 23, 2010

Problem with Paint

Last Sunday, Home Depot was having a mail in rebate special with their paint. I decided that I might as well get all the paint I needed - 1 gallon of semi-gloss in the baby blue for the bathroom, and 5 gallons of tan in egg shell for the rest of the house. I told the guy. He said, "ok." I asked if he needed me to write it down. He said he'd remember.

We walked around the store for a bit, since I had to pick up a brush to scrub the fireplace and a spray bottle. Returned about 15 minutes later, and the colors all looked really light. Apparently he didn't dry them, but said he could do that if we wanted to see what it would look like. I asked him to do so, and the colors did get a bit darker once dried. We put all the cans in the shopping cart, checked out, and dropped them off at the house.

Fast forward to today. Mr. Ramirez came over to check on things. He looked at the paint and said, "Why'd you get so much semi-gloss?" I was like, "Whaaaaat?! It should be 5 gallons of egg shell." He goes, "Not according to the cans. Come here, look!" Crap. He was right. And they were labeled non-returnable!

Later in the day, I called Home Depot. I explained to the paint guy what happened, and he said, "Do you remember who helped you? What he looked like?" I said,"Asian, kinda big, ear plugs..." He goes, "Mikey. He'll be in tomorrow. Take it up with him then, or you can speak to a manager now, if you'd like?" I told him I'd rather take care of this now, and he transferred me to Roberto.

I explained to him that I had 5 gallons of paint in semi-gloss that was supposed to be egg shell. He asked if it was a light or dark color. I said it was pretty light. He said I could go ahead and bring it in to return it!

I returned the paint successfully, but was way too frustrated with Home Depot to wait around for them to mix more paint. It was the fourth time I was there today!

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