Sunday, January 10, 2010

Let There Be Light!

I went to the house last night to cap off the grounded traveler wire. It went fine. From everything I could find, no one really makes a legit 3-way motion sensor switch that has two travelers, a common, and a ground! Seems like there would be a huge market for this item, since a lot of people on-line are looking for one.

For now, the bottom switch, while set to auto, will turn on when the door's opened, or when someone walks down the stairs, and when the switch is set to, "On." It'll also turn off the light if the upstairs switch is set to, "On."

The top switch will turn off the light if it is set to on, but it will not turn it on if it is set to off. It will turn it on if it's set to, "auto," though.

This diagram somewhat explains how the 3-way switch is wired.

This one shows how the wiring should go. Since the motion sensor switch is missing a traveler, the switches won't work as they should...

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