Monday, May 24, 2010

Bathroom Stuff

I also finished painting the bathroom! I removed the bathroom door, so it'd be easier to paint.  After removing all the fixtures attached to it, I realized that we needed to sand it down and fill the holes.  Due to the other things we needed to do today, I decided to hold off on that stuff.  

I looked at the electrical for the light switch and the GFI in the bathroom as well.  I have no idea how to hook up any of these things!  I'll need a switch at the bottom plus a GFI.  It's in a dual gain box, so I might just get a switch and a single GFI (I could get a dual if I wanted).  I want to get a brushed nickel faceplate for it, too.  HAHAHHA!  Everything in the bathroom's going to be burshed nickel!  Plain, plastic white would suffice as well, though.  

I wonder if a dual GFI is even necessary.  What more could get plugged in that a shaver?  Oh, wait, nevermind... electric toothbrush, blow dryer, straightener... all the girl stuff! HAHAHAHA!

This looks clean.  Too bad it's $16.50!  I'm going to see if HD has it for less.  Geez.  I feel like I could cut one with a jig saw for less!  

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