Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crunch Time!

And I don't mean sit-ups!

The bathroom's coming along really well now.  Me, Gil, Beto, and Chuy finished putting up the tiles on the walls. It looks GREAT.  I love how the wall tiles reflect everything in the bathroom.  It ended up being a nice height, too.  Kevin was again wrong about how much tile I needed, and just like the flooring, I have an extra box of tiles.  Two, I think.
So many spaces were used for the top part!

My and Beto tiling and spacing.. without Gil trying to put glue on us...

Looking pretty sweet.

The wall curved right here, so we ended the tile right before the curve.  It would have been a pain in the but to keep cutting little pieces to go through the curve in the wall.  I don't know why it's just not flat.

This one shows how well everything blends together.  The white from the bath tub goes well with the white tiles, and the marble slabs blend with the floor and tile trim.

The corner area where the toilet will be.  Yes, that's a copper pipe sticking out of the wall.

The light switch plate would have been uneven since the bottom would have been over the top row of tiles.  Chuy cut some of the tile to make a surround for the light switch.  I think it looks something kind of awesome.

I think Beto got pissed cuz me n Gil kept fucking around (mostly Gil).  He kicked us out so he could grout the floor.

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