Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trip to Home Depot

Another rainy day in SF means we cannot paint!  We're skipping the house altogether, and heading straight to Home Depot.  The President's in SF, and traffic is miserable.  It took us way too long to get anywhere.

Items on the list from Home Depot were light switches (rockers) for all the rooms, a light switch for the bathroom vanity, a GFI for the vanity, light bulbs for the vanity, and faceplates for all of these.

The electricians changed the box to a dual gang box, so I needed a dual outlet GFI and a stand alone switch.  There were switches with night lights in them which would've looked cool, but it could also be really annoying down the line.  In looking at the light switches here, we noticed just how many there were!  I mean, crap, different colors, different uses, different configurations, timers, button timers, light sensitive, dimmers, rockers with dimmers, switches with dimmers, knobs, etc!  Nothing these days is simple!  All I wanted were white rocker switches.  A single one was $2.49.  We needed one for the front bedroom, the kitchen, the laundry room, the back bedroom needed two, and two for the bathroom - 7 total.  At $2.49, that would've costed a little over $17!  For light switches!  I noticed the "Contractor Pack" of switches for $12 for ten of the same switches.  We got ten instead of just seven.  Maybe we can even swap out the living room switch, too!  The faceplates were the same deal.  Ten was cheaper than 7 individually, even with the separate dual gang one.

GFI's were just as complicated.  There were 15 amp ones, 20 amp ones, red and black switches, all white switches, safety GFI's, etc.  We got the 15 amp all white safety GFI.

Next was the light bulb.  The fixture needs 40 watt candelabra's.  Simple, right?  Wrong.  What size bottom did I need for the bulb?!  Aren't they all the same?

Nope!  There are the small bases and the big bases, frosted and unfrosted, too!  Great.  Time to get what I can and head out.  I have to remember to look at the fixture to see what size I need.

We also looked at ceiling fans for the front bedroom.  Nothing really impressed us.  I want to ask Chris which one he got.  I remember him doing quite a bit of research before purchasing his.

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