Monday, May 17, 2010

Putting a Latch inside the Garage

The garage is below my floor, but it's also somewhat detached. The door can be accessed through the backyard, and I wanted a way to lock it from the inside. Sandra and her sister have started putting their stuff in there, so it's just a little more peace of mind to be able to lock the door.

I went to Discount Builders to look at the different latches they had. I already had a mental picture of what I wanted - something that could twist to lock with or without a padlock on it.

This is the one I got.

It was perfect! It was exactly what I was looking for! It costed about $7. What sucked about it was that I found out when I got home, that the bag was opened, and it was missing a few screws. That's the explanation for the three black, wood screws. Whatever. The ones I used were longer than the ones provided, so if anything, it's a little more secure.

The door's really shut solidly now. Because the frame doesn't line up well to begin with, now that it's closed and locked, you really can't open it, or even budge the door from the other side!

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