Monday, May 31, 2010

Replacing the Kitchen Faucet

The problem with the kitchen faucet isn't that it's old and ugly.  No, the problem with the faucet is that it's leaking!  Also, in order to put up the air gap for the dishwasher and garbage disposal, I needed an open slot in order to not cut a new one.  I removed the sink sprayer, so I could put the air gap there.

The old sink proved to be a bit of a pain.  The bolts and washers were so rusted that I had to resort to some pretty extreme measures to remove it!

I tried to pull the entire piece upwards with the back end of the hammer.  Pulling it put enough pressure on the left side, that the washer snapped, and that side freed up.  I used the electric saw to cut the bottom plate of the faucet.  With the washers and bolts exposed, I decided to knock them into the holes to remove them.  I drilled holes around the washer to weaken it.  I put the chisel onto the right bolt and started hammering at it. It took about 10 swings, but the piece finally bent through!

New faucet from Home Depot!

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