Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trip to Home Depot

After the light was missing one of the mounting kits, I decided to finally return the stuff from Home Depot that I had been meaning to, and pick up a few things that I needed as well.  

I returned the cement board tape, since we didn't use any of it, one 6x8 tile that had a cosmetic flaw, and the 3/16's tile spaces because I went with 1/8 on the walls.  Due to the various methods paid for everything, I got a Home Depot credit on a gift card for $0.79, about $6 cash, and $7 credited to my credit card.  Strange.  

Sandra grabbed an extra light fixture, and they just opened the box and gave us the mount kit.  I also picked up a diamond head tile drill bit kit for installing shower curtain rods and bathroom fixtures (towel racks, toilet paper holders, etc.). 

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