Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bathroom Coming to a Close

We pretty much finished the walls in the bathroom.  The bathtub and shower were a wrap.  The toilet was in.  We just had a handful of somewhat heavy items to complete in order to finish the bathroom.

Here's the vanity light.  
I like that it reminds everybody of a light saber.  HAHAHAHAHAH!

We installed the bottom of the vanity today.  It had to be lifted a few inches because shit, that thing was 29 inches high!  Do you know how short that is!?  We raised it about 4 inches.

To brace the vanity, we secured it with some L-brackets to the wall behind it.  Cutting into the tile with the drill was a pretty difficult thing to do.

I had bought 8, but we only used 4.  The other 4 ended up with my pile of things to return.  I've got a lot of that lately.  If you look at the above picture, you'll notice that this thing is secured together with plastic.  I should've kept those L-brackets to swap this out!

The shower and bathtub fixtures also went in today.

It was still relatively early, so we measured out the mirror, and installed that, too.

Here's how it looks with the light on.

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