Friday, June 4, 2010

The Kitchen Sink...

The kitchen sink was chalk full of problems!  Big surprise, huh?  Everything looked fine, but looks have been deceiving lately.  With the dishwasher installed, I wanted to get the garbage disposal installed, too.  The pipes that were currently in there just weren't going to work.

I picked up a basket drain wrench from Discount builders.  The other fork shaped tool was Chuy's.

I took out the old basket drain pretty easily and installed the new one.  This one came out really easily.  The place where the old basket drain connected to the sink was kind of disgusting.  I wanted to make sure I sealed it well.  I put plenty of plumbers putty on the new drain, and screwed it in really well.  

I cleaned the sink and put in the new drain.

Here's what the piping looked like on the underside of the sink.

Here's the drain with all the plumbers putty still pushing out.  

Here's the rest of the garbage disposal.

I left it at that for now, because I'd have to cut the PVC and install new chrome pipes.  

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