Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kitchen Sink!

Here are some of the pipe fittings I picked up from Discount Hardware Supply.  The P drop has to be at least 17 guage chrome pipe.  The rest of it is 20 guage.  The T-joint has a flange that dips downward on the inside to direct the flow from the garbage disposal waste line into the drain.  

Here's the new basket drain!  It was a Kohler one that was solid as hell from Home Depot.  I'll be damned if this one rots out like the old one!

It was something like this one to the left.

Plumbers putty applied nice n thick all the way around.

The new basket drain installed and clamped down.

Here it is from the top, before I scraped off the excess plumbers putty.

I connected the pipes underneath, and sure enough - I hit the issues I thought I would have.  Water stayed in the pipes, and the entire system just held water!  

This is not going to work...  I need to have the drain in the wall lowered about 3 inches!

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