Monday, June 21, 2010

Closing up the Kitchen Ceiling

I was getting tired of staring at the gaping holes in the ceiling in the kitchen, so today, I decided they were closing.

I used some of the left over steel bands to brace the gas line in the upstairs unit to the floor joists.  This will keep the gas pipe from resting on my ceiling.  I thought I had already cut dry wall sized for the holes, but I couldn't find them.  I guess this is the beauty of constantly cleaning up after myself - I probably threw them away.  Anywho, as I've been cutting a lot of drywall lately, it was really simple to do this time.

I marked an arrow to show which side was to go against the wall.

The issue here was finding something to secure the drywall to once it was placed in the holes.  I had some left over pieces of hardibacker that fit the holes nicely.  I secured them into the studs along the ceiling, then placed the drywall pieces up and secured them in with 1 inch drywall screws.

It was such a tight fit for the drywall, that it pretty much held on by itself!
But, we won't leave it like that!
Sandra measured and cut the drywall tape while I mixed the joint compound.

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