Friday, June 18, 2010

Kitchen Wall Socket

Remember the random wires sticking out of the rear wall in the kitchen?  I thought about it, and I need those to power the microwave!  The problem is, though, that I can't just connect the microwave to loose wires.  I need an outlet.

Chuy asked what I was planning on doing about that whole situation.  I told him I was thinking of using those wires to put up an outlet.  He said it'd be pretty simple to do, and we started working on it.

His son, Danny, was there, too.  He made me some drawings.  I'll have to hang them in the house eventually!

We had to cut a hole in the wall where the wires came from the existing outlet.  As with everything else, it wasn't as easy as it initially seemed.

We cut the hole in the wall where the new outlet was going to be.  We pulled out the old wire, only to find that there was a small hole in a diagonal cross braces that it went through to get up to where it was.  Moving the wire through it was proving pretty difficult.  With a whole lot of stabbing in the dark, we got it.

Here's the finished product, taken a few days later.

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