Friday, June 4, 2010

Installing the Bathroom Sink

Geez!  This is another one of those, "if it can go wrong, it will," installations!

I bought the wide spread faucet from Costco for a pretty good price.  It matched the bathtub fixtures, too.  The problem is, the sink had the holes pre-cut, and they would not fit this faucet!

We ended up running out to Home Depot and picking up a different faucet.  It was a pretty nice looking, Glacier Bay model.  I learned that Glacier Bay is the Home Depot brand.  Pegasus is also a Home Depot brand, and it was classified as the more high end one.  Recently, though, Home Depot was phasing out the Pegasus brand, and even the nicer ones were Glacier Bay.  This was a new model.  I think it goes well with everything!

We got all the water lines and plumbing hooked up, and bam!  The sink was backing up!  The water will run for about 30 seconds just fine, then it starts backing up.  Ugh.

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