Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Painting the Dining Room

I fought long and hard to have at least one red wall.  After looking at a ton of different shades of red from all over, we decided that the paint MUST be from Sherwin Williams.  They haven't let us down yet, you know?

They had a huge selection of colors, and even more that weren't even on the shelf!  I asked about something once, and the guy busted out a book of swatches!  A BOOK!  There's no way I need that many choices, though.  I was intent on Theater Red as soon as I got a good look at all the colors.  It took Sandra a few minutes to look through all the color combinations before finally agreeing with me, in her non-agreeing sort of way.  She grabbed the Theater Red and proceeded to tell me that this one was better than the one I had chosen.  Uh... it's the same one I chose...  Sweet!

Here's the first red on the wall!

This is after one coat all the way through.  It was the first SW paint to end up streaky.
I really like the color though!

Here's Sandra getting down with the paint.

We got another shade of tan for the rest of the walls in the dining room.  The ceiling will once again be Panda White to go with the Living Room ceiling.

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