Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Closing up the Sink Wall

We took a few days away from the house to go to Giants games and forget about the whole washing machine incident.  Whoever trained that thing in Judo deserves an award, cuz that was a CLEAN throw.

Anywhere there was just wood exposed, I stapled some black roofing paper.  I also secured a piece of wood on the left in order to have something solid to secure the hardibacker to.

Since I was able to see from directly underneath the kitchen up the walls, I wanted to seal all that up from bugs and cold air.  I used about an entire can of "Great Stuff" expanding foam to seal up the bottom of the wall, then sprayed some from underneath.

I used some of the leftover pieces of hardibacker to cut up to patch the walls under the sink.

Due to space limitations, I couldn't just cut one large piece and slide it though to the other side.  Instead, I cut a piece long enough to go to the stud, then another piece to go from one stud to another.  There they are secured in.

The other side went pretty much the same.  I tried to use bigger pieces if possible to avoid having too many gaps.

Then, as usual, I used some joint compound to seal the seams.

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