Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bathroom Stuff

I took a walk around the house to look for things to do.  The ugly copper pipe that jutted from the wall in the bathroom by the toilet looked like something I could handle pretty quickly.  I grabbed a piece of sand paper and started going to work.  Within 5 minutes, I had this:

It's either shine it up, or paint it over.  I think for now, I'll keep it shiny.  If it dulls really quickly, I'm going to put some white gloss on it.

We picked up the PERFECT toilet paper holder from Bed Bath and Beyond today.  I was pretty anxious to see how it looked.  It was pretty much exactly what I wanted!

The brushed nickel finish matched all the other metal fixtures in the bathroom, it could hold the giant rolls of toilet paper, and I didn't have to put any holes in the vanity or the walls, either!

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