Sunday, June 13, 2010

Garbage Disposal Installation

I unboxed the garbage disposal today.  It was a late start to the day, since we were at the Giants game this morning.  We had picked up a switch and the power cord from Home Depot the other day, so I had all the parts for the installation.  Here we go!

I had to open up the bottom part of the disposal unit.  It's easy, since there's only one phillips head screw holding it shut.

The cord clamp thing screwed in pretty easily.  So far, this has been pretty similar to the dishwasher power cord installation.

The wires in play:

I pushed the wires through the clamp, connected them with the wire nuts, grounded the green wire, then tightened the clamp.

The garbage disposal was pretty easy to put up after that.  Just push up and turn.  It all locked into place relatively easily.  It makes me think it was possibly too easy.

I don't know if you can tell from this picture, but we have a few new problems here.  First, if I plug in the disposal, it's on.  There' no switch on it to control it.  Next, the outgoing drain pipe in the wall is HIGHER than the disposal's waste pipe.  This is going to be a problem, since it'll cause all the water to back up into the disposal.  

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