Sunday, June 6, 2010


We started bright and early on the assembly of the Ikea Malm dressers.  I wanted to get them done before noon, so we could do some painting and return to Ikea to get more stuff.

Talk about FAIL.  We unboxed the first dresser, and started putting it together.  Part way through it, I noticed a piece of wood didn't have laminate all the way across.  What?!  Yes, the laminate was shorter than the fiberboard.  Great.  I called Ikea, and they said they could ship me a replacement piece, but it'd take 3 to 7 days.  3 to 7 days?!  Are you kidding me?!  So I'm supposed to deal with an unbuilt dresser sitting around for a week!?  She ends up telling me that I can go to the retail store and get a new piece if I brought in the defective one.  Cool.

Here's the trouble maker:

We ended up waiting about 30 minutes.  Probably longer, but we grabbed a number then hit the cinnamon rolls.  Sandra got some Swedish Fish, too.  Pure win.  As we sat and ate, we looked at how full of Fail the Ikea return department was.  One lady kept dancing between customers.  One guy would come out, help one person, leave for 15 minutes, then go back to his seat without accepting anyone from the cue.  The other chick looked like she had just about had it for the day.  We got the dancer.

She looked at the piece, and asked if we really wanted another one.  Uh... YEAH!  We drove all the way out here for it!  She returned 15 minutes later with the same piece, in a different color, asking if that would do.  Nope! Seriously, why would I buy a brand new piece of furniture, only to find that a piece was flawed, drive 30 minutes back to the store for a new piece, then accept a replacement that was dissimilar?!  She left for another 15 minutes, then returned with the replacement piece in a matching veneer.  I suspect they modded a similar looking piece of MDF to make it into the part we needed.

We bought another drawer unit, then headed home to finish the building.  Here it is, finally!

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